We at Midas Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic have joined yourphysioplan as we feel it is a very cost effective way of spreading the cost and accessing a quality physiotherapy service.. read on to see the benefits

Why take up a YourPhysioPlan plan?

“look after your body – it’s the only place you have to live!” - Jim Rohn

  • It’s an easy way to pay for your routine physiotherapy. You pay monthly and the amount depends on your choice of plan.
  • There are plans to suit most budgets and health and wellbeing needs. YourEssentials, for instance, covers your basic preventative physiotherapy needs. YourInclusive is pretty comprehensive so if you need regular physiotherapy to optimise your health and wellbeing this might be the best plan for you.
  • Being on a plan opens up the possibility of getting the most out of your body. Your Physio can really concentrate on you to take a preventative approach to your health and wellbeing. They’ll have time to discuss the best way to keep fit and healthy, not just with an effective prehab routine, but talk about other factors, such as diet and lifestyle.
  • Our plans don’t just allow you to invest in your own health and wellbeing but of that and your families. Both the session entitlement for YourEssentials and YourInclusive can be shared with a spouse or partner and up to two dependants under 16.
  • All YourPhysioPlan members can access discounted MRIs with our partner company Connections4Health.
  • All members and family members named on their plan receive 10% off the price of your practice’s other services outside of the plan entitlement.
  • All members get access to exercise videos, advice and strength and conditioning programmes through their cloud based YPP app.
  • This is just an idea of how to make your physio visits more affordable and gain added benefits from being on the scheme, we have found the easiest way is to sign up online and bring your registration number with you and it is then an immediate connection and you have your sessions available, no hassle.
  • The sessions on the plan are 1/2 hr sessions but any sessions that are paid for on 10% discount offers can be either 30 or 45 min sessions from there on once or if you use your allowance.

  • Please visit Yourphysioplan.com for further information and gain benefits from us here at Midas Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

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