Appointments are are currently made via telephone with Bernie, but we are introducing an online system to allow patients to control, book and remove if Bernie is unavailable on the phone. We are accepted by most major insurance companies including AXA PPP and Bupa. self-pay costs are provided via enquiries but we are very competitive for the local area. We accept payment via cash, cheque and online bank transfer. We also have card payment facilities.

Appointment durations: follow up durations are discussed at the time of booking as may differ for varying conditions, or limited by insurance companies.

Appointments with Duncan:

45 Min Initial Assessment = £70.00
45 Min Follow up Treatment = £60.00
30 min Follow up Treatment = £44.00

60 Min treatments are available on request only @ £80.00

Appointments with Paige:

60 Min Initial Assessment = £65.00
45 Miin Initial Assessment = £55.00
45 Min Follow up Treatment = 55.00
30 min Follow up Treatment = £40.00

For more information regarding our appointments or prices, please Contact us.

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