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Clinical Assessment & Treatment:

Generally this will be a 45 minute session taking a medical history and current condition information, a physical examination, treatment which may consist of manual therapy techniques, i.e. manipulations, mobilisations, soft tissue techniques, taping for support and kenesio taping methods to help engage muscle activity and relieve pain, MET (muscle energy techniques) and passive or PNF stretching. A future plan of treatment and a home exercise programme will also be emailed to the patient.

Gym Rehab:

Gym Rehab

This is normally a 45 min session in our studio, assessing specific weaknesses and making a future plan or training the patient through an already made plan to increase power, stability, core strength and flexibility.



This is a state of the art assessment tool that we have now had at Midas for 5 years, there are few of these around and we are the only clinic in the local area currently be getting one. Vimove is wireless sensor technology that is placed on the area of the body to be analysed, e.g. the lower back, the sensors are stuck with pads similar to that of a tens machine to be held in place, there is a movement protocol to follow for each area and is analysed by the software and this is produced in a detailed printout/email for the patient or other health professional if required in order to formulate a detailed rehab plan. This is suitable for all patients whether sports, sedentary or recreational giving baseline data comparable to normalized data to gain specific abjective measurements and to achieve better results. Assessments can be on - lower back, neck, knee, functional activity and running in order to reduce pain or increased performance.

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