Duncan helped my rehabilitation from a football related shoulder injury. After 6 sessions the results were remarkable, the pain has now completely gone and I am able to do any activity with no problem. I always felt relaxed during the sessions and he was very clear and communicative about the therapy.

David, 41

      Duncan provided sports therapy and massage to my son aged 11 years who was struggling to run due to a calf problem. After a few sessions Felix was able to run with no pain and was back to full pace. Duncan was professional and supportive during the therapy and also very motivational towards my son. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Juliet, Littlefield

      I started physiotherapy treatment with Duncan about 8 weeks after breaking my back and neck in a skiing accident in December 2011. I was recommended to him by a friend, It was the best decision I made and money very well spent. I have progressed much faster than I imagined under his guidance. He has been using a mixture of soft tissue massage to loosen my muscles and encourage movement, plus realistic exercises to get my back moving. He is very pro-active and enthusiastic and his treatment is focussed on what I can do, rather than what I can’t do. He has given me the confidence to push myself as hard as I can go without worrying about causing further damage. I highly recommend Duncan and will keep going to see him to keep my own recuperation on track.

Bryony Errington, General Manager, SkiVerbier Ltd.

      2011 was my best & most rewarding year of running to date. A great deal of my success was down to the finer detail such as the advice & treatments that Duncan provided me. During a crucial stage of my training for my autumn marathon, one where I thought I would achieve my first pb in 5 years, I picked up a calf tear.

Duncan's help with revising my schedule, massage & the use of K tape enabled me to get back up to speed & within 3 weeks I was back on track. The end result was a brilliant race & pb, one which I know I would not have achieved without his assistance. As Duncan is an athlete himself with a great deal of experience, he is able to symphathise with the frustration us runners suffer when injured & knows how impatient we all are to get back to training. He knows we’ll push the boundaries & therefore advices us with this in mind! I’ve met many physiotherapists in the last 20 odd years, but none have been as helpful & knowledgeable as Duncan.

He has a brilliant ability to hone in on the cause of a mobility problem, a skill only someone who fully understands the human form can achieve. I would recommend him to any athlete, elite or beginner.

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