Conditions We Treat

Prehab - pre operative treatment to aid/speed up recover when post op

Prehab, can be an essential component prior to some surgery, often done on the run up to joint replacement surgery or ligament reconstruction (ACL Recons) in order for the muscles to be as strong as possible pre surgery to enable the recovery to be as speedy as possible, gain strength quickly with muscle memory and train the body to be stable and functional. Mainly this is done in our gym with a programme set for the patient to follow and hit allocated goals.

Post op rehab specifically knees, Hips, Spinal and shoulders.

This area of physiotherapy is what physios do best – physical exercise therapy- it is vital that patients regain strength, muscle bulk, control and stability, joint range of movement and function, this is achieved partly in the clinic with manual techniques but primarily in the gym working hard to achieve the goals. We work in conjunction with the operating surgeon to follow their particular protocol or instruction to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient and their expectations.

Acute (early onset) injuries, sport and non-sport related.

Whether its an injury on the field, track a crash or a twisted ankle off the kerb. The early intervention of treatment, advice and plan of action will help the speedy recovery of an acute injury and prevent any secondary issues that may occur in other areas of the body. We aim to be able to see patients within 7 days of making contact with the clinic and where necessary will make a telephone consultation for advice during short waiting time before the initial assessment.

Chronic long standing conditions.

Long standing problems can be for many reasons, an injury which has been mismanaged, a secondary problem that has not been identified therefore allowed to manifest a larger problem. Poor posture or technique in a sport or activity which over loads another structure. In these circumstances not only do why try to relieve the long standing pain or discomfort but also identify WHY! The condition has gone on for so long and therefore address the source of the problem, regaining a Balance within the body.

Neck pain and neck pain related headaches.

It is a well known fact that headaches can be caused by poor posture or neck pain and stiffness. Not only do we endevour to relieve such problems within the neck and ultimately reducing headaches but also advise and educate why these issues occur, whether that be potentially poor office ergonomics, daily pacing problems or if there is an underlying pathology. E.g. degenerative joints within the spine, this would result in a management strategy and setting realistic goals to cope with existing problems. We are empathetic here at Midas and understand the need to understand why?? This happens so we convey in plain language and not in depth medical speak to keep these issues of stress to a minimum.

Sports injuries

Our aim is to get you back on the field/court or track as soon as possible whether that be returning to training or preparing for competition. We treat here in a way we would like to be treated ourselves, hands on – not being left on machine and expecting it to FIX you. Using our soft tissue skills, manipulation techniques and in depth knowledge of sports and the specific training required we will set a plan specific to your needs to give you a balanced programme to help reduce the risk of any recurring injury and maintain and improve the strength to excel in your sport…

Muscle imbalances biomechanical dysfunctions affecting sports performance

Where you may not have any specific painful symptom you may find that there is an occaisional niggle or a sensation of weakness during a specific activity, we aim to identify these "imbalances" to help reduce the risk of injury and increase potential performance with a more balanced output and stability within the dynamic structures of the body.

Acute and chronic tendonopathies

As physios we diagnose why such conditions occur:

Repetitive use - computer/machinist
Runners or dynamic sports individuals with connective tissue pain (tendonitis) achillies, tennis elbow, jumpers knee..
Growing pains from the adolescent/early teenager

When such conditions are identified our skill comes in to method of treatment, pacing advice, sport/activity that would be most appropriate and a realistic plan.

Call or email for advice and whether an assessment is required.

Strength and conditioning training.

Not only do we help with pain and discomfort but with strength and conditioning also. This can be for sports specific – running, rugby, field events, we have a specific interest in multi sports in particular cycling (road or cross country) we can set a plan having identified weaknesses or set up regular appointments to have one-to-one training in the gym.. we have techniques of gaining strength quickly using muscle stimulating equipment called a compex (portbable muscle stim kit) which helps fire muscles throughout an activity.

Call us on 07738074289 for more information to make those gains required in the competitive field..

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